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  • Participated in the 1st Promising Bio Venture·Startup Investment Forum in K-BD Group 2020

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  • 2020-07-29
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The first pharmaceutical and bio business development strategy forum in 2020 held at KINTEX (Source: Maeil Daily)

On July 27, the 1st Pharmaceutical and Bio Business Development Strategy Forum in 2020 was held at KINTEX.

This event was held by the Korea Drug Research Association (Chairman Dong-yeon Kim) under the auspices of the industry-academia, research, venture and start-up business development expert group 'Pharmaceutical and Bio Business Development Research Group' (Research Chairman Jae-Hyun Lee, hereafter K-BD Group). 

This forum is designed to seek ways to sustain the performance of domestic pharmaceutical and bio-health industry licensing through sharing strategies and cases of companies that have succeeded in global licensing under the theme of'technology licensing strategy and case as a key means of globalization of pharmaceutical and bio-health strategy.'

On the other hand, the union started to offer a chance to discover and invest in promising items through networking with promising bio-ventures and start-up companies and provide opportunities for win-win cooperation and information exchange such as M&A to investment institutions such as domestic bio-health companies and venture capitals in parallel with the forum. Continued until the 30th, in cooperation with a total of seven organizations, including Technology &Happiness, K Ground Partners, N4U Youth Co., Ltd., Ajou University LINC+ Business Group, Ajou University Entrepreneurship Support Group, KIST (Korea Institute of Science and Technology), and Korea Foundation K-BD Group will continue the 1st Promising Bio-Venture and Startup Investment Forum in 2020. Here, IR for 26 companies including Repure Life Science will continue.

(The photo below is CEO Yong Sang Kim, CEO of Repure Life Science announced on the 28th)