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  • COVID-19 plasma treatment developed by immunoproteomics

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  • 2020-07-16
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This is the next news about COVID-19 plasma treatment and development of therapeutics using the latest immunoproteomics.

In April of this year, Professor Jun-Young Choi of the Yonsei University Medical Center, who had cured a seriously ill patient in COVID-19 who had difficulty breathing through plasma infusion, said in a joint interview with a media company in the conference room of Yonsei University College of Medicine. "It is to find an antibody that is effective in the treatment of COVID-19 in plasma with the latest immunoproteomics research method."

"Plasma treatment research will be conducted for one year," he said. "When the planned results are obtained, sequencing of the COVID-19-related antibody CDR (antigen binding site) will be performed."​

There are three main methods of treatment with a healer's plasma:

1. Plasma obtained from a cured person is collected by a blood donation method and directly transfused to a patient.

2. Extraction of immunoglobulins (proteins) from the plasma of a cured person, to create a therapeutic agent that can be applied to COVID-19.

3. It is to detect a neutralizing antibody in the plasma of a cured person and to treat a patient infected with COVID-19 and this is the method of treatment that is being developed by Repure Life Science.

Professor Choi said, “The research team uses the plasma of the corona 19 cures and detects and analyzes the antigens of the antibodies against corona 19 present in the COVID-19.” The sequence of antibodies to mass-produce corona 19 antibodies ( sequence).”

The research team is also in search of countermeasures to secure plasma for the cured. It is essential to secure plasma of the cured person in the treatment of COVID-19 patients and the development of plasma therapeutics. The research team is discussing with related organizations to encourage voluntary dedication and donation of cures, and is collaborating with major medical institutions such as Seoul City Hospital.

Repure Life Science continues to support the development of therapeutics with researchers and partners, while Kyungnam Biopharma is in the process of supporting research and development and providing spots for plasma. The plasma donor will receive Lemona(Vitamin preparation), Health Mask, Hand Sanitizer, and Gargle Set from Kyungnam Pharm Co., Ltd.

Professor Choi explained that the development of antibody therapeutics will begin in earnest from July.

It is a study to find antibodies that actually function in plasma and to mass-produce them, as compared to the existing methods of antibody development, which are expected to proceed, and mentioned that it will be able to mass-produce antibodies that function in an earlier time than existing antibody development methods.