About Us



Repure Life Science was founded on the premise that it is 'pure' to help people suffering from cancer and disease and furthermore, to make society without disease.

It is a compound word that combines Re, which means 'relax', and Pure, which means 'pure', and implies 'relax'.In general, purity is often used in a positive and hopeful sense of clean, clear, evil, and good.

We are based on this meaning and we are made up of people who have pure passion to give hope and faith in healing to many people. It is about the mindset we have, the ultimate goal we have to achieve, and the purity we seek.We are also convinced that researching and developing therapeutic agents to maximize the influence of purity with effort, passion, and potential is a hope and belief for everyone.

But this is just a small beginning of the influence of pureness in Repure Life Sciences.In the future, we will continue to draw a big picture by believing in the influence of our innocence, and we will continue to move toward our goals with the desire and faith of our patients, the commitment and efforts of medical staff and researchers, and our innocence and enthusiasm so that everyone can live a pure life.



  • Evison's Life Research Center at Yonsei University
  • Business-affiliated Institute for Life Sciences
  • Yonsei Medical Center - Refurbish Life Science - Gyeongnam Biopharma joint research agreement

    Development of Antibody for the Treatment of COVID-19 based on Immunoprotein

  • Jeonbuk TP-PDIGID-Refurbish Life Sciences Signs MOU to Activate Agricultural Life and Biotechnology Industry
  • Cambridge Milner Institute – Yonsei University

    ※ Research Projects to Excavate New Treatment Targets for Intractable Tumors Based on Artificial Intelligence

  • Cleveland Clinic AI New Drug Development & Big Data Joint Research Business Agreement

  • Immune Anti-Cancer Drug Development Starts (3,4 Generations) -2019.07.01

    ※ ‘Refure Life Sciences-Osong Advanced Medical Industry Promotion Foundation New Drug Development Center Contract’

  • Cambridge Milner Institute for AI New Drug Development Joint Research Agreement
  • Selection and Occupation of Osong New Drug Development Laboratory
  • Joint Research and Development on Immune Anti-Cancer Drugs and Contracts for Patent Transfer

    ※ Yonsei University/Medical Center - Asan Medical Center, Seoul - Ulsan University - ETIZEN - Refurbish Life Sciences Co., Ltd.

  • Establishment of Research Institute
  • Change of company name (Repure Bio INC. → Repure Life Science INC.)
  • Signed MOU with 'Repure Bio - Sookmyung Women's University Research & Business Development Foundation'
  • Consultation on technology transfer of new materials for brain cancer
  • Signed MOU with 'Repure Bio - Duksung Innovative Drug Center'
  • Joint research and development related to metabolic anticancer drugs and Signed the technology transfer agreement with priority of metabolic anticancer drugs

    ※ 'Yonsei University - Repure Bio' [Application No. 10-2017-0111840]

  • Establishment of corporation (Repure Bio INC.)
  • Selected and Participated in 'Yonsei Enterprise Support Foundation'