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  • 2020 pharmaceutical & bio forum-post corona, turning crisis into opportunity

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  • 2020-10-27
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On the afternoon of October 21 (Wed), the '2020 Pharmaceutical & Bio Forum' was held at Ferrum Hall in Euljiro, Seoul.


Repure Life Science presented the subject of ‘Therapeutic Antibody Development Study Using Ending COVID-19'.


The main content is the competitiveness and potential of COVID-19 antibody treatments, starting with existing businesses such as immune anticancer drug candidates, cancer energy blockers, and new pulmonary fibrosis treatments.


"COVID-19 antibody treatment can quickly obtain the protein sequence of the antigenic determinant using a proven neutralizing antibody protein," said Yoo, Jeong-yoon, head of the Repure Life Science Research Center, who attended the lecture with CEO Kim, Yong-sang on this day. "By analyzing the protein sequence of the antibody, he said, "Because the development is underway, it is possible to prevent incorrect combinations of antibodies, and because it is developed using the sequence of a neutralizing antibody that has already been verified for neutralizing ability, the time to verify the function of the antibody can be shortened.


COVID-19 infection route and main symptoms, comparison of SARS-MERS-COVID-19, COVID-19 vaccine domestic and overseas research and development trends (gene/virus/gene recombination/protein vaccine) COVID-19 treatment domestic and overseas research and development trends (drug treatments and antibody treatments, and which stage), and other topics that would be of interest to many people, and explained about COVID-19 treatment using plasma of a recovered person developed jointly by Repure Life Science, Yonsei Medical Center, and Kyungnam Biopharma.


The difference and advantage of COVID-19 treatment is that the research period is shortened through the immunoprotein analysis method, as well as the development of antibody therapeutics targeting all structural proteins of the virus. It is expected to be able to cope with.


Nowadays the virus outbreak cycle has been shortened, the reality is that even if COVID-19 is ended, other infectious diseases must be prepared.


The presentation ended with the content that "the plan for producing antibodies for the treatment of COVID-19 using the immunoprotein technique presented by this study is expected to be effectively applied to the production of antibodies for treatment of other infectious diseases in the future."