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  • Nabion Co., Ltd. to Promote No.1 Seed Investment Pure Life Sciences

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  • 2019-11-18
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NaviON Co., Ltd. to Promote No.1 Seed Investment Repure Life Science

After the designation of the accelerator, Deep-Tech Accelerator NaviON Co., Ltd., promoted to Repure Life Science as the first seed investment – Specialized company in AI new drug development platform, developing anti-cancer and antibody treatment (CEO: Yong Sang Kim). It announced on 7th that it will start accelerating to corporate growth and attract additional investment. 

Repure Life Science is a new drug development startup founded in 2018. It is developing a biomarker with professors of Yonsei University that is specifically expressed in cancer cell metastasis. Based on this, we have developed a new concept of immune anticancer drug with no side effects and high stability. 

This biomarker is being developed through clinical data analysis of hospitals such as RWD and RWE. Based on this analysis pattern, is developing a clinical-based AI drug development platform with Yonsei University, Cleveland Clinic, and Milner Therapeutics Institute in Cambridge. It has been announced that the AI drug development platform will later have a significant impact on finding other biomarkers and shortening clinical periods. 

Repure Life Science started preclinical trials in 2018 and is expanding its various indications through continuous clinical research and the combination of immune and metabolic anticancer drugs, aiming for pharmaceutical marketing in 2024. Repure Life Science aims to release a healthcare application for it.

CEO of NaviON Seonghan Cho said, "It is difficult for the initial start-up to develop new drugs, but the possibility of successful new drug development has increased by discovering biomarkers based on AI-based platform.". NaviON will continue to work together as a growth partner for the success of Repure Life Science by pushing ahead the company's first seed investment to Repure Life Science. 

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