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  • The future of drug development in AI

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  • 2019-11-13
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Recently, AI drug development, a global trend in the bio industry, aims to improve the efficiency and accuracy by collecting patient clinical data. This is why Kim Yong-sang, CEO of Pure Life Sciences Co., Ltd., which makes stomach cancer anticancer drugs with domestic and overseas medical staff and a systematic industry-academic open innovation system.

Building a well-established collaboration system for the development of new cancer drugs.

Repure Life Science INC., is a new bio start-up that has established an open innovation platform with various domestic and foreign institutions, including Yonsei Medical Center Cancer Hospital, US Cleveland Clinic, and Cambridge University Research Institute, UK.

Yong Sang Kim, founder of Repure Life Sciences, said, “AI drug development is the key to collecting clinical and non-clinical data for big data analysis.” And expressed that “Therefore, it is desirable to make it by skilled workers who have accumulated medical experience based on accurate understanding of the new drug development process.”.

In the second half of this year, Repure Life Science is launching an integrated healthcare platform that provides prescription prescriptions, diet and exercise management services. The reason is to have more than 10,000 clinical data owned by Dr. Sung Hoon Noh, a domestic gastric cancer specialist.

As a result, the company plans to accelerate the development of new drugs specialized for domestic gastric cancer patients.

The biopharmaceutical industry has high risk and profitability.

“The ultimate goal of drug development is to convey hope and courage to those who fight disease.

It is not infrequent to see people around me, including relatives and acquaintances. It started with the desire to save lives suffering from illness and to avoid the recurrence of the pain they suffered. I think that research and development through medical big data is necessary for the development of new drugs, rather than for success, so I think someone should do it and work for the future."

It is pointed out that domestic AI technology level is premature when searching for new drug candidates.

“I think it is exactly proper time because it is premature. Fear of failure can never take the lead in drug development. If you are concerned about what is most needed in drug development, it could be uncertainty. Lowering uncertainty and increasing efficiency with artificial intelligence is the strength of AI drug development. If you look at your strengths and collaborate together, you can be a little more confident in achieving the best results.”

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What is the special reason for focusing on stomach cancer chemotherapy among many diseases?

“Stomach cancer patients are rising significantly in Asia. About 30,000 gastric cancer patients occur in Korea each year, which is the highest incidence among cancers. In the development of new drugs, The relatively homogeneous genes of Koreans can be used to compare genetic differences between individuals, races, patients and those who are not ill, which will help in the development of new drugs and personalized treatment in the future. My collaborative organization, including myself, is paying close attention to this genetic uniformity and seeing it as the biggest driving force in the future. ”

I am curious about the driving force and management philosophy of Mr. Kim, who is leading the lead Repure life science.

“I think that the time given to a person is the same and it is up to you how to use the time. I mutually adopted RE-PURE in the sense of being PURE AGAIN, with the desire to help the healing of patients. Many people and employees who contribute to the project, including Prof. Yonsei University's Professor Jae-Ho Cheong, are driving force. 

What is the future vision of Repure Life Sciences in the fourth industrial era and the prospects of the fifth industrial era?

“In the short term, the development of anticancer drugs. In the medium to long term, we will develop medical big data with disease history tracking system and AI drug development platform, and develop disease prediction, prevention, and follow-up management system. It is too early to define the prospects for the Fifth Industry because it is time to share and circulate quality medical data. As researchers from around the world, as well as in Korea, continue to work on their efforts, we expect that there will be innovative changes in our lives in the future. And we have no power to lead the market. I think we have only seen the direction of the market flow. We would like to contribute a little to sharing and making this with other institutions and schools abroad.”

The drug development process estimates an average of about 15 years. The average funding amount from investigating and finding candidates for new drug development to final approval of drugs is around $ 1 billion.

Yong Sang Kim says that “The development of new drugs based on clinical data of patients in hospitals is a pan-national trend.” We cheer for powerful walking of Yong Sang Kim with a great vision - “Please pay attention to the future vision of Repure Life Sciences, which has the strength of developing new medicines by a doctor who treats and prescribes patients.”