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  • Participated in 2019 1st Promising Bio Venture Startup Investment Forum

  • Date
  • 2019-11-13
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The Korea Biopharmaceutical Development Research Group (Jae-Hyun Lee) (hereinafter referred to as K-BD Group) under the Korea Drug Research Association (K-BD Group) held ‘the 1st Promising Bio Venture Startup Investment Forum in 2019’ at TIPS Town S1 TIPS Hall. He also announced that has embarked on the connection and investment cooperation between large, mid-sized, small enterprises and startups in the field of Biohealth.

The investment forum was held in parallel with the signing of an MOU to discover promising startups in the bio sector and to promote investment and cooperation in the Biohealth industry.

In addition, it provides opportunities to provide win-win cooperation and information exchange such as discovery and investment in promising items and M&A through networking of domestic Biohealth companies (large and medium-sized companies, small companies) and venture capital companies with promising bio venture and startup companies

A K-BD Group interested said, “The first investment forum was held by K-BD Group under the Korea Drug Research Association. It was held successfully with more than 120 attendees including 30 promising ventures and startups in various diseases and technologies, including cardio-cerebrovascular disease and big data-artificial intelligence development.”

Additionally, it has announced that “In the near future, the second forum will be held in September, and win-win cooperation and global competitiveness will be secured through mutual open innovation, investment demand arbitration and coordination activities between the industry and startups.”  

Meanwhile, K-BD Group, which has started the linkage and investment cooperation project between the domestic Biohealth industry and start-ups, is a subsidiary of the Korea Drug Research Association. It consists of 330 people, including 150 institutions, including technology trading institutions, incubators, consulting agencies, and infrastructure operation institutions.

In this regard, by training of technical marketing experts, discovering ventures and startups in the field of biohealth and establishing investment/cooperative systems, developing the latest information sharing field in the business development field of the biohealth industry, it is functioning as a control tower in the field of pharmaceutical and biohealth business development.

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