About Us


We sincerely thank you for your interest in Repure Life Science.

Repure Life Science was founded on the premise that it is 'pure' to help people suffering from cancer and disease and furthermore, to make society without disease.

It is because the patients who are fighting the disease are my family and my people, not others. That is why Repure Life Science can work with pure passion. It is also because I can be me.

The Hippocratic oath is a written oath of the ethics of medicine. Repure Life Science does not do medical practice directly, but follows the Hippocratic oath with the same heart as the doctors who practice under the Hippocratic oath and will follow the ethical guidelines of the oath.

We will do our best to create a healthy life and a happy society so that we can repay the trust of many people who have believed and encouraged us without losing beginner's Mind as a right company!

We will not stop trying to be recognized as a company that can achieve business ethics, social return and joint growth.

Thank you for your interest and encouragement in the development and growth of Repure Life Science.

CEO, executives and employees of Repure Life Science.