About Us


The symbol of Repure Life Science

symbolizes a heart that has the same meaning as life. The heart plays a vital role by constantly circulating blood throughout the body through the balanced role of each organ.

Like the heart that sustans life, we have embodied the meaning of "Make your life REPURE" as symbol of Repure Life Science.

Color System

The exclusive color of Repure Life Science is an important element of identity. Repure Red represents veins, and Repure Blue represents the heart that swell into the arteries. For effective use, the printing method, ink concentration, and lipid of paper should be examined to preserve the color defined by the manual. For black and white media, it should be expressed in black and white. Also, if you need special visual effects, retrospect will be allowed if it does not detract from the value of Repure Life Science.

  • Repure Red


    PANTONE 286 C
    CMYK : C13 M100 Y93 K4
    RGB : R204 G17 B44
    HEX : #CC112C

    Gradient type
  • Repure Blue


    PANTONE 297 C
    CMYK : C53 M5 Y3 K0
    RGB : R106 G195 B231
    HEX : #6AC3E7

    Gradient type
  • Repure Navy


    PANTONE 2188 C
    CMYK : C97 M93 Y21 K8
    RGB : R49 G53 B121
    HEX : #313579

    Solid type


"Top and bottom combination type of symbol mark & logo and horizontal basic type, it is used according to the media.Representation means a formal notation that represents the identity of Repure Life Science, and it is the most appropriate way to represent the image of Repure Life Science. "